You guys! My boyfriend, his boss is throwing a potluck party. He wants to bring me?

He is wanting to bring me. We are not a new relationship, but we are workin on our relationship, because we have had some hardships... am very nervous. Only because I do not like to feel ignored or uncomfy, and in the past, when our relationship was not so good, he would get swept off talkin to others, and I would just be sittin there being quiet and left out. I do not know any of these girls, and I do... I do trust him, but I do not trust them... which is very reasonable, as I do not know them at all. lol. :)

I don't know if I should go or not, I feel am very different from the girls he works with. And am very uncertain because I don't know how he is going to treat me there, not because there are other girls, but because he has a little bit of social anxiety where his attention span wanders a lot...

He still has to ask if he can bring me, but he has been wanting to find a great way to introduce me for awhile, he told me he is proud of being with me, and wants to show me off to them.

If I can go... should I go!! Oh my gosh... I am really in need of some great advice or... a sprinkle of confidence.

Thank you.. :)

help help... lol. (:


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  • i think you should go. fuck them other girls your man invited you! be a bad bitch and look super good to the point where he won't even wanna leave your side lol. tell him before that you do feel a little awkward when he wanders around and leaves you alone with people you dont know and ask him to pay more attention to you at the party. well have fun

    • Thank you so much!! <3 :)

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  • Go and support your boyfriend


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  • Maybe u hv social anxiety !

    • I do now a days !

    • Maybe its cuz u were hearing his thoughts and bcz if the emotional connection between u two u tried to undrestand it so ur brain which is like a spong.. absorbed that kind of behaviour , this happens , so be aware..
      Try to budd out of it , go out hv fun with no worries , no one has the right to judge you anyway plus ur boyfriend wants yo show u off cuz he thinks ur awesome , if he sees that in you am pretty sure u worth his admiration and everyone elses , embrace that fact and your confidence will build up from there sweety..
      Go for it and good luck !

  • Just go. It's not even as big of a deal as you're making it out to be