What to do about the other parts of songwriting and making music?

I love music and singing. I've always wanted to be a singer and make my own music. Now I'm starting to try to write songs. Today, I tried writing lyrics for a song and as I was writing the lyrics, I was like "wow!" So impressed and amazed by it. The only thing is that I sing but I don't play or have any instruments. How do I get the beat and notes to sing? And I was thinking that making my own music could help me get to stardom. I don't know anyone I could be in a band with.


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  • Typically singer songwriters, know how to play at least something

    • I've never played any instrument except my voice and I know that even with famous singer - songwriters not all of them play an instrument with their singing and songwriting.

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    • Out of all the singers I know of and listen to, 2 were in a band when they became famous and now they're solo artists and collaborate with other people. And one of those does that and also works with her band on other songs and albums. Then I know some who are just solo artists and I think they just collaborate with other people in the industry. Then there's Taylor Swift with the guitar and Alicia Keys with the piano,

    • I know my favorite singer started off with a band for a while. Then she started being a solo artist and collaborating with other musicians. Then she got back with her band and did another album with them. Now she's working on an album with her band and a third solo album

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  • Then form a band or audition as a singer for other bands

    • How do I do that?

    • To form a band you find other musicians that are bandless and see if there's a common interest in the type of music you want to make. In the other case check music stores in your area. Usually there'll be a board somewhere that has a band looking for singer, drummer etc. If they don't have a post board the store employees can be a big help

    • Ok. Thank you

  • Learn how to make your music by learning an instrument I would help you with guitar but my style will be completely different that what you are thinking about

    • Guitar or piano? I guess it has to be portable. Yours would be different than mine?

    • Your style I can record my guitar sound and give you some sound but we have probably different tastes but I recommend getting a guitar

  • I'd also put some on Youtube and Soundcloud. I'd post your own pieces and covers as well. The covers would help get you noticed because they'd be seen if someone searches for a song, they'd see your cover

    • Ooh. Is there anything to know about doing that?

    • I mean, I'm not a songwriter or singer although I can drop a decent freestyle if I'm in the right mood.

      But for the videos, I'd say make sure if you do a cover, to say in the description that you don't have the rights to the song.. Not that a record label would sue, but the video might be taken down or the audio may be muted

      If you do your own songs, just make sure that the sound quality is decent. A good camera should have a good enough mic or a laptop should but I'd do a test and see if you need to buy an external microphone.

      I'd also make sure that if you cover, to use an instrumental instead of singing over the original song. That way, the viewers can hear you instead of whoever you cover

      Also, I don't know where you'd get beats/music for your original music although acapella is ok for some purposes

      Tell me your channel name when you make a video, I'd like to hear you

      Good luck!

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