Help me with my Spanish oral exam please?

Alright so i have a Spanish oral exam today. I'm supposed to be talking with my teacher about an article that i chose. When i chose the article from the internet, i gave her a copy and i made myself a copy. But a few days ago i wanted to practice my lines and i couldn't find the article! I still didn't find it and i haven't even read it properly! I'm freaking out and i don't know what to do. I'm pretty good at speaking Spanish, but what should i do? Should i start the exam by telling her the truth and asking her if i can read from her copy real quick begore we start? Should i just improvise and change the subjext if starts talking about the article specifically? or should i do something else?


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  • Ohhhh. Don't you even remember the title of the article or some key words?
    I would send your teacher an e-mail. If he/she doesn't reply then you should do what you said. :) good luck!

    • Ehm i just know that i searched "articulo sobre psicologia" in google and eventually found the article about autism, but i tried to find it again and that didn't work :/

    • Thanks for MHO! How was your oral exam? :)

    • Have you checked your browser history?

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  • OMG. Every time I see the word of oral on this site, i imagine different things.


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