Is a guy hanging around the same store asking for help and with the same story about his burned hand creepy?

About two weeks ago, there was a guy on the supermarket asking both my friend and I for help picking out candies and vegatables. He supposedly had his right hand bandaged, saying how he obtained that from a serious burn, can't do much force and how it's hurting a lot. Seemed like a young fellow in his 20's ok we did helped him.

The weird part was just yesterday when I briefly was doing some errands and decided to buy a couple personal girl stuff. Anyways this is when some guy in a very low, soft voice asked for help. I turned around and it seemed like the same guy and same story about his badly burned right hand. Though this time he had a bunch of items in the supermarket cart and was asking for to help him with the cart.

For some reason, now I didn’t like it and made an excuse. It was then some lady told me that guy has been seen a couple times asking for help and always seems well-spoken. Needlessly to say I forgot about my personal ítems and just left creeped out.

Update: Nothing to do with looks by the way... he was good looking too but that doesn't take away the fact that I still felt creeped out.


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  • Seems weird but I know a granny how is a regular at the restaurant, she does sort of the same things

    • Well that could be but for some reason this time I felt kind of creeped out. I hope it he did indeed needed help with the cart.

    • If you see him again, then you know you are right, burns take a month to heal but the scars last forever

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  • Report him to the store manager. they do not want creeps harassing their customers.

    • yes, if next time he does that again and with the same story then I would know that can't be right... by now I think the hand would be starting to heal instead of being totally covered up like the other day

  • what does it matter? double standards yo, i bet if he was hot/cute/handsome whatever really it wouldn't be creepy. maybe the poor guy does have a bad burn. If a guy or girl would ask for help i would help her as much as i can physically do. but that is, i dont mind helping out my fellow human being :)

    • But he was good looking and I still found it creepy

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    • I help out others and leaving someone in need would be the last thing in my mind but I really felt kind of creeped out and a bit more when some lady told me he's been seen a couple other times doing that

    • i think if he had burnt his hand REALLY BAD it can't take a lot longer than just 1month

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  • That does sound creepy esp. if certain time passed by and he's still using the same story. I have my own story of a creep at a clinic but it was a middle aged woman.

    I was with my mother at the clinic for a dermatology appointment. As we were sitting down, a middle aged woman who seemed poor was asking for money and told us that it was for her very sick daughter. Just as I was going to give her some, she asked for more and was persistent on wanting more. I still ended up giving her the money I had at the moment and she didn't seem to happy.

    As soon as she left, two other clients waiting informed us that she's been asking for money a bunch of times, insists on more money and comes up with the same story about her sick daughter. She was escorted out of the building by security. To think that someone is that desperate to steal money out of others at a clinic just wow!!!

  • that's really creepy and using that same story over and over again just to talk

    • yeah that's what I was thinking... even if the scars were permanent, I would assume his hand would be healing but it was as completely covered up as the other day