B-day Concert//?

so i have never been to a concert before and i want to go for my birthday there is this huge music festival coming tom y city a month afte rmy birthdya i want to go to i ahve enogh money for tickets and m fav band will be playing but how do i avoid having a bad expierience wiht my family being aorund weirdos and potheads

im turning 15


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  • No you should go it's your special day nothing can ruin it for you not even your family.

    But just out of curiosity why are they going? Why not go with your friends? I mean after all you did say I have enough money it's not like you said my parents are paying.

    • well im under 18 so I can't drive yet im turning 15 and I was thinking about asking one of my friends to go but I don't know

    • I'm sure your friends would love to go. It's a concert that's what teens do.

      Do you listen to a different genre of music or something? Maybe if you ask your best friend you can get one if their cool older sisters or brothers to take the both of you instead of your family.

    • she is the oldest and she is a month younger than me the concert is called riot fest and they have a bunch of different bug musicians come play but im only going for two or three of the bands that I love so..

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  • Concerts aren't violence prone venues and not all drink or smoke at them. Half a million people showed up at Woodstock with few problems.

    • okay.. um any other tips

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    • well I would be going with my mom and sister if my mom wants to go if not I could bring a friend but my sister would chaperone

    • I'd let you go

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  • Nothing bad will happen as long as you stay close to your parents.