Car towed for no reason?

So my boyfriend got his car towed and im looking forward to sue the landlord and the car towers, we got put as parking on 2 parking spaces here are some pictures. This is the size of the parking space which is 108 in length as gor the other side its 40 in length.
Car towed for no reason???

We were parked 4 inches over this.

I was parked on this side.

The measurements pass the grass and wall.

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  • What exactly was the stated reason? Or rather, did you get one?


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  • that looks like designated motorcycle parking. I don't think a fucking yaris can even fit in that shit.

    • Wouldn't they have to have a sign saying small vehicles only?

    • yes they should, I wasn't being serious when I mentioned that.

  • We got ours Towed as well we thought it was crazy and put stop payment and won with our credit card company and was never charged and the tow company was never paid

  • I'm guessing this has been an ongoing issue. And you failed to follow the rules.


What Girls Said 2

  • I would sue. As others has mentioned it may be a space for a motorbike but there is nothing showing that.

    If it isn't, the grass verge should be kept in check. It's not, it's growing across a space which could be an issue in bad weather and cause accidents for instance wheel spin and vehicle damage.

    I would play it as you didn't think there was anything wrong, there are no signs saying otherwise, please provide guidance on correct use of the space and until that is provided you are not paying the bill. If they come back and say it is a space, I would deduct how much of the space is grass and demand to only pay for the tarmac part of the space. Just to be arsey :)

  • I don't think you can sue, if that space wasn't big enough for your car then you shouldn't have parked there. Bert is right, it looks more like a parking space for motorcycles considering its size. Suing doesn't seem like the convenient or smart option in my opinion, especially since chances are that you'll lose.

    • No motorcycles park there , they park in a car space like if they need that much space for a thin piece of crap.