Does he know I had sex with another guy?

I slept with another guy (Brian) and I think my crush (mason) knows. A lot of people in my class know so I'm guessing he knows. (They are both in that class) anyway me and Mason were doing a presentation together and he was kind of being rude to me like he was cutting me off like I would be saying something and he would cut In before I even finished and pretend it was his turn and the next day he dropped that class! People don't usually drop this late. It's like almost 9 weeks into the semester! I can't help but think he was doing it because he found out I slept with Brian.

  • Yes. Mason knows you slept with Brian and that's why he was being rude/dropped that class
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  • Yes. Mason knows you slept with Brian but that's not why he was rude/dropped that class
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  • No. Mason doesn't know anything and it was a coincidence
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Most Helpful Guy

  • If he did drop the class simply because of a woman, then he's an irresponsible guy and you're lucky you didn't end up with him in the first place.
    As for him being mad at you, that would depend if he liked you or if you dropped a bunch of hints that you planned on being in a relationship with him.

    He could also have been angry if Brian is his buddy.


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  • If he liked you and you liked him then slept with this other dude he might not want to be around you.


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably knows.