Am I wrong for thinking this is selfish or am I over exaggerating?

Ok so me, my mother and my little sister (who is 12 btw) moved from GA to L. A to move towards our careers. When we first moved here, we had no place to live and was constantly staying from motel to motel so it was costing us too much $. So to make a long story short my mom's puts an ad on Craig's list looking for a roommate/place to stay and in return, we would do some housekeeping and babysitting in return.

So when we first met the lady were staying with now, gave us a room to stay in and don't have to pay any rent in return of doing housekeeping and babysitting services for free (which is not a problem and is very understandable.)

The couple has 2 children together ages 5 1/2 and 11. The couple THEMSELVES will not pick up and clean up behind themselves whatsoever and do not make the children do it either. My mother does absolutely NOTHING but sit in the bed room relaxing watching tv, listening to music etc and does not help us AT ALL (me and my little sister) with the cleaning. Funny thing is this it was HER idea to come here not ours.

We have no problem doing things such as taking out trash, folding and putting away laundry, sweeping and mopping, simple things like that but we CONSTANTLY are told and expecting to pick up aafter them I'll give some examples:

1. We spend HOURS cleaning and the house gets messy all over again for us to clean the next day.

2. They'll leave shoes, coats, toys, underwear bookbags, etc. Around the house (including the breadrooms) and we have to pick it up.

I don't feel comfortable at all in that house they're nice but we are treated like servants and are only allowed to stay in our room. Then they (just the couple only) would always speak a different language they know that we don't understand so we can't understand what they're saying (which I find to be extremely rude).

But the main problem is every single morning, me and my sister have to clean up such a big mess everyday and pick up behind all of them which is annoying and it still gets messy. I feel they are taking full advantage of our housekeeping services or am I being wrong for feeling this way?

And they admitted to having several housekeepers before us by the way. So any advice what should I do this is driving me crazy.


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  • Yes they are taking full advantage of your housekeeping services. All u can do is make moves to try to leave for school or get another job.


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  • You're 23: time to get a degree , then a job and a place of your own.
    (Yes, I respect our housekeeper and don't make such a mess but with my wife I'll use the language which I want. I don't think a housekeeper has to know every word that's pronounced. (ours understands at least 4 languages.)


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