People from other countries, what do you think about America?

I'm very curious to know as to what people from other countries have to say about America and why you have said opinion. I don't care if its mean too. I'm an American and honestly hate where this country is headed. Looking on leaving soon. It's turning into a race to see who has the most money the fastest.


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  • Good question... let me first apologize for not being able to give lots of details because there is not enough space.
    Well, I come from Switzerland and I consider myself a sort of a half-expert (consider to you as American, who is a real expert) on America because I have lived in the US and I study English linguistics and literature at University, which of course also includes American culture.

    Now... I would phrase it like this: I absolutely love the US as a geographic region. I have travelled around quite a bit and it's doubtlessly one of the most divers and beautiful places on earth. You get everything from the hot, dry desert of Utah to the swamps of New Orleans, to the snow-covered Rocky Mountains, the open plains of the midwest and the vast forests of New England.
    I generally like the people and I like their mentality (at least most of it ;-)). I like some of the culture, but some I also find absolutely stupid. Usually, the cultural aspects that have been corrupted by money are the ones I hate.
    What I absolutely hate about the US is: politics, religion and everything that is connected to it (puritan moral values, insane capitalism etc.). I can't give you a comprehensive list but here's some of the things I really hate about the US and Americans:
    - The US would rather spend billions on war than investing in its own people. The infrastructure in America is literally shit. Crumblings sidewalks, streets and bridges, bad railway system, bad hospitals in some parts of the country etc.
    - Social inequality is tragically high in the US and not many seem to care about it. When you're poor in the US, you're just considered a loser and lazy. Political solidarity is practically unknown in America (there is a great saying in Europe that goes: *I don't like to pay my taxes but I pay them with a deep conviction, because I care about everyone in this country". In the US, it's just everyone for himself).
    - The media is absolutely terrible. It's sensationalist to a point of insanity.
    - Partially due to the point before, Americans are absolutely paranoid. Americans are scared of terrorists, of rapists, of pedophiles... it seems like some creep is hiding behind very corner (yet, I was never in danger in the US!).
    - guns. Seriously... why.
    - All this whole gender and sex bullshit like calling sexually assertive girls sluts or calling stupid things "gay". Also American guys constantly having to prove they're NOT GAY... it's childish.
    - Education. Now this is a tricky

    • topic because not all schools are bad. I know about the Ivy League and that stuff. The problem in America is that only rich kids can attend the good schools. I also hate the fact that at High Schools, you get treated like a baby. In my High School in Switzerland, I was treated like an adult. I had all the responsibilities but also all the rights of an adult. Very similar to University. When I made an exchange year at an American High School, I was shocked how I wasn't allowed to do ANYTHING. I couldn't leave the school for lunch break, I couldn't carry my bagpack (terrorists! terrorists!), I couldn't even go to the bloody bathroom without asking for permission.
      - This babying is also often extended to the family. European parents tend to treat their teenagers much more like adults than American parents.
      - But finally, there are also lots of good things! I love, how easy-going Americans are, easy to talk to, sweet... I really love the people, just not the things many of them believe in.

    • Very thorough and actually true

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  • I think America is pretty damn awesome. Yeah, it might have some cons or what not, but still think it's amazing. America has EVERYTHING. I think those Americans who hate their country are just super used to it, so they don't appreciate how lucky they are that they were born there. I'm gonna move to the US in the future if the luck will be on my side! ❤

    • I'm a transsexual black male who grew up as a transsexual black lesbian. When you see what happens to me on a daily basis, I think you'll understand why I can't stand this shit.

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    • Lets just do a quick switch. No costs needed, just switch households and do whatever.

    • Ok, no problem, that's completely fine w/ me lol xD

  • I'm just here to see that DIY_Indian guy say that he thinks all Americans are fat so I can tell him that all Indians (not true) stink and are poor. :)


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