Why is this guy not that popular?

He's really hot. The girls he asks to prom and stuff are gorgeous and he's a lacross player. He's the hottest guy in class but he's kind of quiet but he's not shy. Like he talks but not as much as the most popular kids. And he's only really friends with the lax team. The popular guys aren't close friends with him. Like they're friends but not close friends. He's in another social group. But A lot of girls like him.

By the way he's really smart too. But even the marching band captains are more popular than him and hang out with more popular kids than him?


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  • He chooses to be himself, thats why, also he isn't peer pressured to be "popular" he's past that

    he is happy being handsome, talented and quiet

    • Does he know he's hot? he's so smart too and he is very athletic

    • Yeah he is probably aware he is good looking maybe not to the full extent lol but he knows what he has to offer

      He might just see popularity as being a burden and would rather stay out

  • Maybe he just prefers his own company and is introverted. Who cares if he's popular? Leave him be.


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  • Maybe being popular isn't his thing. Like i am friends with almost everyone in my grade and guys crush on me and people think im popular and honestly I love to be by myself, dont like being the center of attention, and im perfectly fine with that, being popular isn't for everyone

  • Because he's quiet.