If it is illegal for businesses to discriminate, then why can night clubs do it?

They discriminate against men by not letting them in, or charging more. Why doesn't someone sue them for discriminating based on gender?


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  • Because a private institution is allowed to discriminate all they want. It is only the United States government that is not allowed to do so. There are obviously exception rules such as for employment and housing, but otherwise a non-government entity can discriminate any way they please.

    • By US Government I mean all levels, federal, state, local, etc. Couldn't let that go without correcting.

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    • Well private institutions cannot discriminate based on race. So you were wrong on that.

      If these courts are taking issue with sexual orientation, then why not gender? why nitpick?

    • Yes I will admit I was wrong. I was thinking with my business mind not my law mind. Foot in mouth lol. (I also HATE these types of issues and rarely pay attention to them)

      Sexual orientation is what is flooding the courts right now. I"m sure with research you can find the gender issue and either case law that includes it or an arbitrary reason why it is not. Just randomly thinking, the fact they often call them "ladies nights" probably has something to do with a court decision.

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  • True i always thought that was wrong cus not only do they have t pay in they also pay for the girls drinks. Totally not fair.
    they know that girl will be in there so i guess some dont mind


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  • Businesses can segregate, discriminate, and offer preferential treatment based on some traits and not others. You CAN have an all women's club, or a ladies night. You can have a married couples only bar, or a seniors only meal.
    Your initial premise is wrong.

  • Tough one to prove - Clubs would probably use some other reason not to let guys in

  • Because its legal

    • No. There are people who get sued for refusing to make gay wedding cakes

    • The difference is one there is pratice and they are not refusing but stalling

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