You're lost hiking in a forest. You trip and fall and get your arm caught in a bear trap and this happens. What do you do?

Your out with friends in a forest hiking. All of a sudden, you get seperated from them and now you're lost. Your phone has no signal whatsoever so you can't call or make a text. You have a compass though and you at least know what direction is the lodge where you're staying. While walking You fall and get your arm caught in a bear trap and then a pack of starving rabid wolves are lurking From a distance but still close enough to attack. You spot a machete in the brush behind you and its close enough for you to grab with your free arm. The wolves haven't spotted you yet, but they are coming in the direction you're at. You have 2 choices either hack your arm off with the macheteand fight the wolves off with your free arm, or lie there and possibly get mauled to death especially since its four grown wolves and trying to fight them off while stuck in a bear trap would be very difficult. What do you do?


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  • ok for one if you see a pack of wolves and you are injured no fucking machete is gonna do anything even if you chop off your arm wolves are gonna move a hell of a lot faster than you with or without your arm

    and two why the fuck would you get lost from your friends? is everyone drunk or just an asshole?

    me personally if i was hiking i would have my gun and if that was the case i'd shoot a round off in the air when i get lost or to scare off the wolves and get my friends to help

    • What if you shoot and your gun jams?

    • umm... unjam it?

      this isn't the movies dude that doesn't actually happen

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  • I'd abandon my arm.


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  • Carry the bear trap over to get the machete and fight using the bear trap as a shield.

    • In all of that pain? Okay cool. lol

    • Adrenaline would be pumping

  • Mechanically, I know very little about bear traps. I would probably try to free myself before abandoning my arm (however futile that may be). If it came down to it, I'd be one arm lighter and covered in wolf blood.

    • dude you'd be lucky to fight off one rabid wolf with both arms let alone one and against a pack

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    • i mean you'd probably be lucky if a gun would help you against a pack of rabid wolves

    • There's no outcome were your not fucked, if you wanna be realistic. Without immediate medical attention, you'd bleed out in the woods anyway.