How do I send a jailmait money?

How do I send this guy money while he's in Correctional Center off of a debit card?


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  • I dont think you can Its not yours and your not married with Joined accounts


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  • You can contact the prison and send a cheque or postal order type thing, at least here in the UK that's how it goes. Call the prison and ask how to do it, they should be very helpful.

    If it is like here though then there won't be much point in sending a lot of money as they are restricted to how much they are allowed per week.

  • he is in jail? Don't send anything.

    • He's getting out soon. They put him in there and it wasn't even his fault.

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    • U really are a blonde

    • familiar pattern, you dont hear what you want, then you attach the opinion owner... It won't change my opinion. People in jail are guilty. There are occasional and rare mistakes where one criminal, with a record so bad that he cannot deny the accusations is convicted of a crime he didn't commit amid all the crimes he did commit that he was justly accused of... but none that are innocent of any crime. It is damed hard to convict a person without a criminal record with a crime unless the evidence is overwhelming.
      Instead of assaulting me, why haven't you put forth ANY argument for the convict's innocence? It seems a jury and a judge had all the evidence they needed... Welll? What is the evidence that you possess that wasn't enough to convince the judge and the jury?