How do you deal with men hitting on you in the workplace?

I got hired for this job because i transferred form one of the best offices in the country. to a newer office not doing as well. My boss is a creep. I mean innapropiate gazing that feels uncomfortable, touchy and joking i needed to calm tdown when I said I dont like when people I dont know keep touching me (if he wasn't weird ok, but he was WEIRD) in which I said no, you need not to touch me I dotn like it and then later grabbing me and my emplooyees arm in a friendly* manor but i was just turned off by him so earlty that i shifted away in which he passive aggressively tries to grab my arm still (he's new and the least exprerienced (and worst) office manager in the reson but the closest to my appartment).

Heseemed to know someone higher up to get the position. I dont know what to do because the opportunity to be a mager a being off break in college at a marketing place is amazing, but his learing is so uncomfortable. I see girls take it as a compliment but its so unnattractive that he is learing at me while his office is the worst in the region and he's not trainging emloyees properly or barely and theyve complained to me. I dont want to do all of his work, be leered at and disrespected (Im petite) but the company is new to the region and are quickly promoting people and he's such a bad manager that there is 1 other person qualified to move up in this position and it could be easy for me to excell quickly.'
I have a assistant manager meeting tomorrow and I'm either turning down the position because of the god awful manager office and lack of employees that just quit. Or I quit the entire office and relocate to another office have stiffer competition, stricter working conditions, and have to come up with a excuse of why i left his office after getting promoted...
The manager has just stared at me since I walked into the office, the manager wasn't wasn't dressed well so I thought he was just some kid in a interview that was creeping on me. :/ I dont know how it cna go well.

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  • In the US his behavior is illegal, and if your employer is informed they HAVE to do something or risk an EEOC lawsuit. The first thing you should do is take notes, write down the time and place and exactly what happened every time he makes you uncomfortable. You should talk to an employment attorney. Usually the first meeting is free.

    • He seems like a dangerous guy who knows people if h conned his way into management. Im also just 20 and in tons of debt from school already, I may call the district management office this morning, but itll tough to without looking unprofessional and trnishing his reputaiton. The company isn't bad, this particular manager doesn't have his priorities straight. uses a track phone and doesn't talk about his credientials but all of the other managers in the district have some type of outstanding credentials that made them manager. At the conference yesturday, I saw he was really tight with one of the higher ups which likely explains his position.

    • If you can move to another office easily then do that.

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  • I see you got some reasonable advice so I won't add to it.

    However, I am wondering how you work in an office and earned a promotion when you don't seem to be able to write intelligible English . You text is replete with errors. You will get a better response if you take the time to write clearer. This is actually in the GAG guidelines.

    • Simple,

      Make the company money. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

  • Call HR and report

    • I may call another office with a female leader and switch to that one and let her know what I'm up to. I also didn't mention I've just started a week ago:(

    • CYA CALL HR. He may call first and change the story.

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  • can't you report their behaviour to HR?

    • It's technically a sales company and his office in a branch. If he gets removed then it shakes up the others in the office. there's other branches like hour or 2 away thats a huge bus trip. Also he's a "nice guy" and I just happen tickle his fancy, so it would put me under question and most of the offices are male ran in the district and theyre tight with the higher ups. They have this fun cool environment but its multimillion dollar business with private conractors with offices too so im not sure if i should talk to the district manager. I have rotten luck that this guy was heading the office.

    • Sometimes that works, sometimes not so much. It depends on the company and how much support her manager has. Sometimes the problem goes all the way to the top.

  • This is illegal. Transfer before you get hurt

  • Drop a lawsuit on their ass! That'll teach them to respect you.

    • Usually you can't sue a company without informing management that there is a problem and giving them a chance to correct it. She needs to see an attorney.