Pregnant women help?

To all my pregnant women. Do you have PUPPS? I am currently 36.6 and I had it since like 34. The doctors gave me stuff for itching but trust IT DOES NOT WORK. Sad to say there is no meds that get rid of the pubs. I did some research and found out that skin breakouts comes from stress on the liver. In order to get rid of them you have to cleanse your liver. Carrot juice is perfectly healthy drank ( ask your doctor first) and cleanse the liver. I drink 2 8 oz cups a day. I started 1 week ago and by day four my pupps was gone!!! Good luck ladies!!!


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  • glad you're doing better!

    • Lol sorry this wasn't a question butI do not have any socail media site lol. I am just so happy to be relived PUPPS is worst than the chicken poxs...

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