If you were a judge, what punishment would you give those criminals?

If you were a judge, what punishment would you give those criminals? (inspired by real and fictional criminals)

The first one is a 16-years-old girl. She shoplifted over $500 worth of clothing, books, food, magazines and other things from local shops in a period of 3 months. She has a shoplifting blog on Tumblr and posts stuff she stole on there. Sh eventually got caught by an employee while trying to steal a dress.

The second is a 21-years-old boy. He put date rape drugs in drink of a girl of the same age and raped her, his 17-years-old friend recording a video and uploading it to the internet.

The third is a 36-years-old woman. After her divorce with her husband who died shortly after, she started to abuse drugs, failed to take proper care of her 4 children who are 17, 12, 10 and 5 years old and slept with various men while they're in the house. By doing that, she put all the pressure of taking care of her siblings on her eldest daughter's shoulders. She treated her very badly and abused her children by yelling and hitting them.

The fourth is a 39-years-old man. He's part of a terrorist group who were planning suicide attacks all over New York City. They managed to do one and 26 people were killed. (To clarify, he was born in the US.)

I want to add one more, and it's taken from real life. I want you to answer especially to this one because it nearly made me cry.
The offendant is an US citizen of African descent. In the culture he comes from, female genital mutilation is a tradition. He carries on this generation and does this to his own daughter who is a small child, not older than 12. In order to prevent neighbours from hearing her scream, he puts on loud music and cuts off the girl's genitalia with a sharp object and sews it together. It looks like this after the incident, if you're not familiar:



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  • This is an off-the-cuff reaction. I am assuming a first offense. The level of security will affect the sort of offenders they are confined with.
    1. Three years of probation and 500 hours of community service. I was stricter because she seemed proud of her crimes.
    2. Five to seven years hard time, state penitentiary maximum security.
    3. 3 years minimum security, 2 years of probation. Loss of parental rights until rehabilitation is proven.
    4. Life without the possibility of parole. Death if committed in a state with capital punishment.
    5. Twenty years, hard time, state penitentiary maximum security.
    I looked at the image of mutilation. That looks is surgical precision compared to others. Some perpetrators of this madness burn off the clitoris and leave a horrid scar. Despite claims of religious freedom, we must have a zero tolerance policy for this atrocity. I would make strict enforcement a prerequisite for UN membership.

    • This one seems the most fair.

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    • Thanks for the MHO! An interesting question.

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  • 1. Make her return the merchandise and/or pay back the money plus some community service.
    2. Jail-time and register as a sex offender
    3. The logical thing to do would be to call CPS and jail for her, but the flip side is do you really want to split the kids up? Tough call there
    4. Life in max security or death row

    • How much jail time for 2?

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    • And just wondering, what happens if you get registered as a sex offender?

    • You can read up on it: It is Megan's law in California probably different names else where, but basically they have to declare where they are living, register every year around their birthday, and they cannot get a job around kids

  • 1. I'll compel her to pay each shopkeeper with a heavy fine. Since she is a minor I guess parents will have to pay the damages. She will also be banned from entering local shops for a period of 1 year.

    2. Seven years of rigorous imprisonment along with chemical castration if the guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Seven years of imprisonment for the guy who recorded the rape.

    3. Taking the custody away from the mother and declare her unfit to be a mother.

    4. Rigorous Life Imprisonment until death.

  • 1 - She gives all stolen clothes back, pays 500 back, plus an extra fee (which is...500 worth of clothes of her own

    2 - the second gets drugged and raped by homosexuals, recorded

    3 - Gets put into a facility to work on her addiction, and she never gets to see the children again. She needs to pay for the costs the children need for raising

    4 - ... Just lock him up, forever

  • 1. Anal rape. By me.
    2. Death.
    3. Anal rape. By me.
    4. Death.

  • 1, 2yrs in prison and 1000$ fine
    2, life without parole
    3, remove legal guardianship of children + 1yr in prison + mandatory rehab and counseling
    4, life without parole

  • 1) 1 year prison, mental evaluation and 200 hours of community service plus civil penalties.

    2) 21 year old : 10 years prison. 17 year old : 3 years prison. Both should be sent to Saudi Arabia for whipping as well, 5 and 3 strokes each.

    3) Rehab, 5 years jail and all children put into social care.

    4) Fed rotten pork for 100 days, then lifetime jail and solitary confinement in a dark cell 23 hours per day. No access to visitors at all.

    5) 10 years jail, sent to Saudi for 100 lashes of flogging and then stripped off his US citizenship if he is a naturalized citizen.

    • It isn't possible to stripp someone off their naturalized citizenship unless it's because they lied about something while applying.

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  • First- 3 years in prison.
    Second- 8 years in prison.
    Third- 10 years in prison.
    Fourth- 35 years in prison.