10 years ago: Ali G. Now: Rachel Dolezal. Isn't it funny how satire becomes reality?

Ten fifteen years ago there was the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen who played a white character pretending to be black called Ali G

Now we have a real live person pretending to be black. Pretty amazing how things change isn't it?


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  • this isn't really satire becoming reality. there are plenty of Ali G's in the world... heck where do you think he got the idea for the Ali G character. When I was in middle school in the 90s there were "Ali G's" and I'm sure there have been white people who identify with black culture going back decades or centuries

  • He isn't white.
    One of his parents are from Persia, I think

    • The character Ali G is white

    • Ahh, right.
      Well, at least Ali-G didn't go as far as Rachel did

  • Something is amiss.

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