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My best friend recently started an anonymous blog to account for something thats taken place over the last 10 months. She was in a bad relationship, lost her baby, and wanted to express her feelings through writing. Her blog is not bashing anyone, or trying to make anybody look bad, but she does put details of what happened and how it made her feel at that time. She says that she started the blog so that "another woman going through what she did, wouldn't feel alone. Like she did."

I support her, but now I am questioning if this blog is going to do her more harm than good. I get the expression and letting your emotions out; but, i'm afraid that people may take it the wrong way and it may have a negative impact on her in the future. She doesn't name anyone and her main objective was to release her feelings through writing.

What do you all think about this?

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  • When the world was just a tad younger, we used to call it "Journaling" and usually the paper was wadded up and discarded afterwards, for the exact same reasons you are talking about -- harm to the wrong person who reads it.

    So she is doing the digital equivalent of journaling out her feelings. I think she has picked a poor medium for this activity. Granted, the internet is SUCH a huge place and the blogosphere is enormous. Odds are, no one will ever really read it (or will think "just some crazy chick" or w/e) unless she goes linking it around to people she knows -- who probably will read it. That would be a bad decision on her part.

    Shoulda stuck to journaling :)

    • Thank you for your opinion, but she's not crazy. I do believe that she is grieving, though, and feels like she can make an impact on someone else's life. Is that so bad? Or are people just so quick to think so negatively about personal diaries and online journals?

    • Well, you mentioned in your question that some people could be effected the wrong way. There is a lot on the internet that could effect some way the wrong way. What in particular calls this to your mind?

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  • I think that, as long as she doesn't name people, it's all fine. She should be able to have somewhere to vent or rant, somewhere to release emotion she couldn't release before, and if she likes to do that through writing an anonymous blog then that's what works for her and it's fine as long as no one else can get into trouble because of her writing.

  • She's writing this for her and for her emotions. This isn't for other people