What do they need to do to make high school actually worth it?

I'm gonna say that high school in America, as I can't speak for other countries, is beyond useless. I truly think the only courses that matter are those you know you'll appreciate for a future career, government so you're prepared for some legal stuff, economics so you know whats going on with your money when, and foods classes, so if you're like me you can learn to cook something other than noodles and chicken (wow, look at how stereotypical that sounded XD).
But it all honesty, I think most courses don't apply and won't apply in life. I honestly think they're really useless. Like besides future math teachers, who really needs to know how to find the measurement of a certain angle of an triangle? Besides future English scholars, who needs to know about "A Modest Proposal" and read Frankenstein? Just gonna say, most of what we use is only applied in said class, for a certain test/quiz, and forgetten.

I think classes need to be structured so that you go to public high school when you no damn clue, or are confused, as to what you want to do in life. For the rest of us, who know and have known what we wanted since we were children, structure it so it goes with our future career path and not make us waste time in classes that don't matter, like calculus for your future writers, AP-English classes for kids who'd rather be out working with cars, and gym class for your kids who get damn near depressd with the very idea of the class. But those are my honest opinions. Yours?


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  • I'm sure that if they paid students for going to school... paid more for higher grades... paid for extracurricular activities, you would see far more students taking it seriously... regardless of what career path they choose.

    • Oh hell yeah. If they paid me even $2 per class, but per day, I'd go and never be late.

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  • Well as an up an coming teacher I would say High school is very essential you should find the value in an education.

    I'm poor and I have come a long way now I can be a success financial due to an education

    • I just can't see the use in certain classes, especially ones that you personally know you'll never again use in life. Like my friend is in college to be a mechanic, and she tells me that she that A she got in AP-World Lit isn't very useful.

  • The only thong they could do is include courses towards your future career choice and not make you take the ones you don't need. Like math and science classes in hs are beyond useless for most of the careers people are going for

  • My honest opinion is that you're an idiot.

    • My honest opinion is that you can't know that especially when your ass don't even know my name.

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    • I came out just fine too, but again I think geometry is useless as hell.

      Now tell me how you have me figured out since you think you do. Are you stalking me or something? If not, shut the fuck up as you don't know anything about me including my damn first name. Shit do you even know where I live? How many siblings I have? If you can't even answer basic questions like that, you know nothing of me and can't assume my intelligence levels as I have respected you enough to do the same.

    • Wow, butthurt much?

      Guess what dipshit? The manager of McDonalds doesn't have to know your name either to decide if you're an idiot or not. He's just going to count the money at the end of the day, and if it doesn't add up, you're fired. He's not gonna give a shit about how many brothers and sisters you have or your dream of being a manga artist or whatever the fuck it is that makes you think you're so interesting.

      Geometry is a subset of math. And that shit isn't "useless" as you say. It's actually pretty goddamn handy. You wouldn't know how useful it is because you're a stupid kid. If you want to be stupid that's your choice just don't come looking to me and Uncle Sam for a handout if you can't find a job because you're too stupid to work later on in life.

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