What's so important about college and past the basic education?

So I'm a junior in highscool, in America. Some things they teach us will be important but most you'll only learn if you go into that field of work, and there missing out on a lot of key terms on stuff will need if we become a part of American society after we graduate.

Example being:
How to go about taxes
Basic laws to follow
How to get a fucking job.
( I'm sixteen and have two, but most adults don't know how to dress, how to shake the persons hand, how to make eye contact etc. etc. which is all a key term in it.)

Honestly I plan on dropping out after junior year and getting my GED and then leaving for Alaska Or Canada.
I understand we need people with higher education on different areas but why should we have to go? Sure people want too and thats great many of my friends are with a 3.8-4.2 GPA and I could have it too but I don't want it, I did have it but I didn't really care for it. I don't see what a number on a paper proves?

I want to see if anyone can get my thoughts changed on this matter.
I've seen statistics and heard the facts, seen the facts. Looked at how people end up and where they live and I don't see anything wrong with it. America seems to consume more than we need.
I'm fine with being poor.
I know I'm gunna get a lot of hate for that but oh well. 😉😝


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  • just so you know you still have to be smart to live in Canada... a number on a piece of paper is the chances of you having a job higher than minimum wage...

    • Oh I know. I mean back woods Canada. I don't agree with a lot of Americas government plus Its illegal to hitchhike here so. & I don't really care that much about money so as long as I have enough to get me threw winter and from point a- to point b. Thank you though. :)

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • Yeah, you made a valid point :)

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  • Well, certainly your life will be easier if you get a college education, but it costs around 30K/year to go. There are a lot of jobs you cannot do without an education but there are a lot you don't need one for.

    Alaska? really? Not the easiest place to get a job. Consider NJ or NY or PA

  • I'm not sure what the fuck you said.

  • you need it to get a good job.


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  • Just go to a community college if you don't want to go to a university.
    You can't get a decent job without some sort of degree.
    But it is your choice.

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