The best way to handle an incompetent boss without quitting?

So i work with a very incometent boss.

Whats the best way to deal with one in your opinion?

Quitting is not an option for me


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  • Do a great job. Do HIS job. This way he can't fire you, and you can steal all the power out from under him. Inevitably he'll either get promoted or fired, and then you'll be in the prime position to move up.

    • that would be fine and all, except that this boss takes all of the credit from the higher ups from us...

    • That's a lovely suggestion, I approve.

    • It might be a hard road to go, but I suspect someone above him will notice sooner or later... And if you *really* don't have any choice in leaving...

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  • Ignore them as much as possible - Timetable your worklife for the least amount of interaction

  • I let you *borrow* my shovel... But only this once!!