Should I just throw something at her now?

Alright, as a few of you know I have the roommate that no longer snores, but moans and like 5 minutes ago she just rolled over and faced me and "in her sleep" said "Mmm yess" (yeah with 2 S's). Now I know it's not a medical issue. She's just over there having constant sex dreams! So now that I know that this is an issue, what do you guys suggest that I throw? Because I'm sooo fed up. I have finals in the morning and I can't sleep! I couldn't care less if I get my ass kicked at this point.


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  • Yes throw stuff at her


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  • Wake her and let her know what's up.

    • I'm not touching that thing. If I'm gonna get my ass kicked it's gonna be because I threw something or things and she gets pissed. Not because I blatantly woke her up.

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    • You sound pretty mature... I would have asked for a change of room if I were in your position within the first week! Or maybe got myself arrested, lol. jk... but seriously wtf. I've never heard of such an asshat of a roommate before :O

      haha, good luck!:)

    • Things were going great the first week though lol and yeah she turned out to be something else... I dunno what but she was something. I'm actually finally all moved out now so all is well and I can finally enjoy life and sleeping again😄 yaaay!

  • Yeah, sounds like a great idea -_-


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  • I guess! I would have a serious talk that if she doesn't shut the Fuck up! I will splash you with water and awake you so you can't sleep!