Why are USA guys that use overseas dating sites or interested in foreign looked upon as "suckers" waiting to get played when USA dating sites are?

Just as fraudulent as overseas one? I've heard plenty of men say that American dating sites ok cupid, match, zoosk, etc. are anti male and are nothing but a waste of time and money and there's some truth to those fraud American sites too. I made a profile on match and zoosk and they were sending me all types of views and fake messages about women, but when I paid a subscription to zoosk, all that ended. When my subscription ended ALL OF A SUDDEN I started getting lots of views and messages on m profile. On match I found a code for a free 7 day trial and I was glad that I got to use it for free because the women that match said was interested in me and/or liked my pictures and profile were nothing but fake profiles and too good to be true type of situations. When I ended that 7 day trial, Match starts sending a swarm of e-mails of how many women are interested in me. But yet and still American men/women that are critical of these overseas dating sites say nothing about these fraud USA dating sites Why? isn't that hypocritical?


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  • If you can't make it here how do you expect to make it anywhere

    • You can't make anyone like you and also you got to try other things. I'm not getting any younger and life is too short to have unconditional hope that if I just keep hanging in there, a woman in my own country will come along. Even though its not guaranteed that I would find a girlfriend overseas, but why not try? I have nothing to lose and I haven't tried with them so the results might be good, you never know.

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    • Asians and Russians are notorious for that

    • Yeah I hear you but you can also get scammed on dating sites in America. No one ever puts the spotlight on that.

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  • Any person from a developed country is inundated with scammers straight away