Did anyone else enjoy Jurassic World?

Why or why not?


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  • The action was done well; better than most action movies, or at least recent ones. Chris Pratt did a better job than the trailer showed. I definitely could see him as an Indiana Jones like character. Bryce Dallas Howard was good, but I feel the writers/director had her do some things that didn't seem to flow very well with her character. I didn't mind the younger kid, but the older one didn't really pull of the character very well to me. That's all I say about the characters for now.

    The base story was good. Some of the ideas they used to build onto the story were fine. But some of the side story stuff and writing didn't seem to be polished enough for me. There were some throw away lines or lines just to get a laugh that made no sense for the character or story that kind of annoyed me. Some of the laughs they still could have gotten if done in a different way.

    I seem to be a lot tougher on movies than I used to be. I did like the movie, I guess I just notice things more. Sorry if it sounded like I didn't like it. What did you like and dislike about it?

    • To be honest I liked it I thought it was much better than Jurassic park. I don't think I disliked anything, it is actually the first time I watch a whole Jurassic movie the other ones to me where boring or I just didn't give enough time to either watch them. I agree that Chris did a very well job to me his character was the most interesting.

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    • No problem thanks for sharing your opinion (:

    • You're welcome, hope you find some more good movies to watch.

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