How does EBT know the difference between cold rossitare chicken and hot ones?

I work in a grocery store the chickens are the exact same thing. Its literally the ones that dont sell they put in the fridge and take it out after a few hours put it in the cold case in the front. Its the same price and same the same box. But hot rossitare chicken isn't allowed by EBT but cold ones are. So when u go to pay for it at the front and scan it does EBT magically know the difference hot and cold?


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  • Are there different UPC codes? Do you label the cold ones differently? These are common methods by which stores use to determine similar non-taxable vs. taxable foods. In many states, ready to eat foods are subject to sales tax where other foods are not. The same system could easily be used to determine EBT eligibility status for a food item.

    • no they are the same box.. they is no upc code for it its scanned like any other product.

    • Then they have to hit an override key. There's simply no other way for the system to know.

    • from what i know about cashiers from safeway they dont give care they just scan and say the total.

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