People who know stuff about the DMV or drivers' ed in the USA?

So this driving school basically scammed us (not really scam). I took the classroom part with the writing text. Then I was taking these "drive times" which took HUNDREDS of years to get an appointment. So I waited two years to get my last two drive times done (I called constantly and these fuckers never called me back and went there and said I was "priority"). So I am 18 with a fucking expired permit.

Tomorrow I am thinking of just going to the DMV and taking the driver's licence test. Can I do it without finishing driver's ed? My bro didn't take driver's ed but the lady at the driver's ed said I CAN NOT just go in there and take the test. Can I? I am a good driver, drives calmly and am just chill.

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  • I don't know... it depends every state is different. In my state you have to take an 8 hour class regardless of age then take your written test then wait 90 days before taking the driving test. It expires in 2 years but you can pay for another permit. If you fail you wait 14 days to take it again. If your permit expire they won't let you take the driving test try paying for a new one instead.

    • Interesting.

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    • they all suck so fucking much

    • thank you i really hope i helped you :)

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  • if you're a legal adult just walk into the DMV, ask to take the test and make an appointment.

  • Your 18 you don't need it

    • Thank god. Is it different in different states cause I live in Texas.

    • You may need to take an 8 hour safety course before they let you make the road test though, driver ed would have included that in their course if you had completed it

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