Follow up question: kids with the mothers last name?

So this is a follow up question to my previous one:

I was quite interested in all the responses and so now I want to ask about people's views on giving children the mothers surname.

To make it clear, I'm aware that many women give their children their last name when the father is not in their life, so this question is in the context of the father playing an active role in the child's life.

  • I am a male and it would bother me if they did not have my surname
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  • I am a male and it would not bother me
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  • I am a female and I would give them the father's last name
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  • I am a female and I would prefer the child to have my last name
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  • If I was a father who played an active role in my child's life, what kind of father wouldn't, and my children didn't have my surname that would bother me quite a bit. I'm rather old fashioned in that regard so my child not having my name, or my wife not taking my name, would offend me. Now if they weren't my children but they were the woman's kids from a previous relationship, I obviously understand, but not when they are my blood.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I'd like my children to bear my last name or at least my son that is nonnegotiable as I am the only one to bring about another generation of Stokely's since I have two sisters and my only male retaliative my age is not interested in having children right now. And I would rather not have my family name die with me lol.

    • but what if it was the same for your partner, as in the family name would die with her so she's wants the kids to have her name?

    • Well that would be something I would discuss with her when and if that happened.

  • I would have no problem for the children to carry the mothers
    last name i would even take her name providing she marry me
    or we come to agreement to marry each other but either way
    i have no problem with the children taking her last name.

  • I would not mind that at all

  • I would hope that I would be aware of her nonsense before I had kids with her. Any kids that I have will have my last name.


What Girls Said 1

  • I've had my mothers last name since birth and my brother has our fathers last name. I'd much rather have my fathers last name because people say mine incorrectly even though it's a 5 fucking letter word. -w-