Any tips on preparing for the ACT?

I took it in April, didn't get as high as I would like. I need to get around a 29-31 to be eligible for like 5 different automatic full rides, so I've been studying day in and day out to for the next test date in September.

Obviously this isn't the best of places to ask, but I am asking everywhere, downloading everything, researching everything. Someone here may have some knowledge that people i've asked on other sites (like collegeconfidential) may not know, or seen on many other threads, or some experiences or tips i'd like to hear

Any tips? even obvious ones so they can be drilled in my head. maybe a personal story? haha


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  • remember ;however, it always shows up and dont splice sentences on the reading the simpler the better.. on the writing dont forget to give details on what you are using to support your argument/statement


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  • I got SAT 2140 with Reading 660 + Math 770 + Writing 710, but did not take SAT.
    As a foreigner, my way is to totally expose myself into difficult and massive reading and writing.
    Sorry but I cannot provide very practical tips because I did not take ACT.

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