Car questions, down payment & all?

I'm thinking about getting a car that is estimated to be $41,480.
I'm not sure how much of a down payment I should do, please dont tell me a percent, I'd like an actual number if you could.
I would own the car for 3 or 4 years so if you can do it for both ways.

(The amount i pay per month is not a big deal if you think its a lot)

Im not sure if you need more info than that but I'd tell you anything else!


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  • paying it in full would be the best option, you avoid interest and people who say they like to build credit off of payments, well credit hardly increases on fucking car payments, payments on a house count more towards credit.

    if $41,480 is OTD, put down $20,000. pay the last half off in about 1-2 years. interest won't hit you too hard.


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  • I think you should put down at least 10k to be honest