Can I sue the insurance company for this situation?

ok so i had surgery like 6 months ago. the doctor had to cut it open again twice its a 10 cm wound thats 3 cm deep. they took care of healthcare for quite awhile but since the doc had to cut it open again twice the healing time is taking forever. they only covered so much of the home healthcare and then stopped paying and won't pay again its 100 bucks per visit and when you need a visit every other day its a lot of money we couldnt afford 1 day. im afraid my wound is infected it smells like rotting flesh i can't clean it well because i can't see what im doing ( its on my literal tailbone) and my dad is blind. im not sure what to do and im putting antibiotics on it like crazy im just stressed because of it I've been showing signs of infection lately and im worried. im really pissed at the insurance company for this.


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  • u can sue yer surgeon i guess... but is he/she popular/well known? if yes, things would b difficult...

    • well its not the surgeons fault. he had no choice.

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