Two crucial questions... HELP?

1) So much money should I have in my savings account? I feel like I am poor for being 20. I only have a wee bit over $3000. Some individuals say that that is considered a decent amount, while others believe that it is a miniscule amount of money.
2) What are the signs that my parents "abandoned" me? If your parents abandoned you, would they make the attempt to send money and contact you on a daily basis?


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  • Well I personally have only about $2000 in my account.
    Then again, I live in a second-world country, and this is considered a decent sum of cash here.


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  • It depends on your view of money, how hard you worked to get $3000 and what you spend money on.


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  • When I turned 20 I had $17,000 in my savings account. I had been working full time and saving most of my wages. But then I moved interstate and stopped working to go to university, so now it's dropped to $7,000.
    It really depends what your goals are, whether your work and whether you have the willpower to save.

    If your parents had truly abandoned you, I think they would cut off all contact and certainly not be giving you money.

    • I have only been saving for about a year. How have you saved up so much?

    • Worked a lot and didn't spend the money. I got my first job at 15 so had been working for 5 years on some really good wages.