Is it normal to fantasize about carrying out bank heists?

**First of all let me clarify: I will NEVER actually rob a bank. I don't intend to and I will never EVER DO IT. These are just fantasies. I want to know if they're normal.**

I often plan elaborate bank heists in my mind. I think of everything and I mean EVERYTHING; starting from the vehicles I would use, what everyone's role would be, how I would time everything. I mentally 'study' the location and the layout of the fictional bank. I think of how I would control the situation once the bank tellers know what's about to happen etc
In my fantasies I'm the leader of the group (which is no more than 6 people). Everything is my responsibility. The amount of money we steal ranges from 1 million to 500 million.

I even dream about it sometimes! I LOVE these dreams because they're incredibly vivid and I get such a huge thrill out of it.

So is this normal? Do any of you have similar fantasies?

  • This is normal. Sometimes I fantasize about similar things (criminal activities etc).
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  • No that's weird. You are a criminal in the making, seek help!
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  • A lot of people have off the wall fantasies - Nothing to worry about.

  • It's perfectly normal to want to do something taboo or dangerous. Everyone thinks about doing naughty things.

  • Keep on dreaming: banks don't have that mush cash anymore. That's 20th century stuff.

  • Yeah, sure we fantasize about them things.. but gotta realize how bad
    a bank robbery is..

  • Yeah its pretty normal i mean I have dreamed of stuff like that and dreamed of weird stuff like world domination before lol

  • If they have the money and u ddont! Of course, get that money honey!😀

  • If you fantasize it you want to do it its called a obsession.

    • No. Completely incorrect.
      I fantasize about pushing my stepmother off a cliff. Does that mean I want to do it, or that I'm obsessed by it? No.
      I fantasize about the day she finally goes too far and does something to cause my death. Does that mean I want it to happen? No.

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    • What about sexual fantasies @baileyisdarcy? I have on time to argue with you I have homework to do.

    • The shit I fantasize about to get off (which doesn't work because I'm apparently retarded) I know won't happen. I try not to fantasize about things that could happen because I don't want to set standards for myself and be disappointed when my partner doesn't reach those standards.

      But you're right. I need to go to school, I'm already late.

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