Why am I always mute when I dream of nightmares?

I've had mute dreams a lot, and in all of them, I'm either silenced by some demonic figures, or something else is keeping me mute even though I desperatly want to speak. It's not always, but mute dream is something I'm already used to because of how many I've had. Today, in my dream, I was sleeping. And when I woke up in my dream, my neck was twisted and my neck hurt extremely because some of its muscles were trying to pop out from the pressure of being twisted. I Tried to straighten my head, but it hurt extremely. This is the first mute dream where my nightmare is more physical pain than just fear of demonic creatures or something else. So in my dream, I went to my mom, and she didn't seem surprised by my situation. She was trying to pull my head straight and it just hurt so much. In some time, maybe the beginning or the end, I think the beginning, in my dream, I remembered like my real life where my dad told me to call to Jesus when I have those nightmares since I used to have a lot of it before with me being mute in those dreams. But in my dream, I didn't know I was dreaming. And I kept calling to Jesus even though I was mute and even though I stayed mute, like at some point, I was able to whisper Jesus outloud before I went mute again. But in the end, when my mom was trying to twist my head back, after some time, I tried to do the same thing and eventually my head went straigh instead of being twisted towards my shoulders.


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