What is your idea of the perfect Summer or Summer Vacation?

Summer is almost here and I know I'm excited for the beach and just having fun! :) My idea of the perfect summer vacation is somewhere where I could rent a beach house and jet Skii, scuba dive, and do all the fun water outdoor activities, I haven't done before. :) What is your idea of the perfect summer? Road trip to the beach, hanging with friends & family? Summer romance, going to concerts, whatever. Just pretend money isn't an issue. :)


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  • Moving to somewhere not so hot. :p I really can't take the heat.

    And then trying out different things.

    • Yeah the heat does get unbearable. :p What kind of different things would u try? If you don't mind asking lol

    • Joining a cooking/dance class, volunteering somewhere I like, canoeing, visiting a cool museum, etc.

    • Interesting and great choices. :)

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