Gamers: What do you think of the upcoming remake of "Doom"?

This is more directed to the older gamer who were around and playing Doom during it's heyday. And for those of you who do not know what Doom is, Doom is the old shooter game that basically made the FPS genre what it is today.

Reboots of older games tend to be a mixed bag. While some are done very well, others almost tarnish the greatness of the series it's trying to recreate for newer consoles. Do you think the reboot of Doom will be just as great, if not greater, than the originals, or do you think it'll be a flop?

  • I think the new Doom will be even better than the originals.
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  • I think the new Doom will be great, but not as great as the originals.
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  • I think the new Doom will not be that good.
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  • I think the new Doom will be a total bust.
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For those who think the upcoming reboot of Doom will fail, please explain why you think it will.


Most Helpful Guy

  • oh boy, this is a big one. I have to sit down for this

    Ok, this is just a hunch but notice how a new wolfenstein came out, now we've got Doom so a new quake game should be next, maybe even a new W:ET after that

    Anyway lets get down to business, one thing that can make or break a game is the level design, I had no problems with the design in Doom 1 & Doom 64 but Doom 2 & 3 I didn't really like them

    Doom 2 tried too hard to throw you off balance by placing a lot of traps. . . there's literally a map called traps and tricks I think that says it all.

    Now with Doom 3 I get that you're inside the base and everything but it's too damn small ! You barely have any room to move around it's just one narrow corridor after another, you don't even have to explore much. It was like trench warfare in space

    It looks like the levels are a bit more open in Doom 4, if it takes inspiration from 1 & 64 even better. More space = better gameplay in my opinion

    When it comes to multiplayer I think Doom 4 will do well, it isn't just there like it was in doom 3, doom 3 mp was just worthless. And here's the thing, you can play co-op in Doom 1 & 2 but you can't in 3 BFG? that's a real head scratcher. Well you can play co-op on PC but you had to get a mod for that and if you were on PS? Forget about it

    There are co-op and versus modes confirmed which is good, plus they're already giving out map making tools


    Ok, I better wrap things up now, I could write a lot more. So in summary. With the versus multiplayer clan arena, freeze tag (very popular on quake live) plus the map tools I think this will be the best multiplayer Doom experience

    When it comes to single player it's hard to say if it'll be good or bad, the E3 gameplay was kind of like a speed run. . . hmm. . . *rubs chin* I'd need to hear some leaks

    I should be asleep. . . now I'm just rambling

    Oh, I almost forgot that a different version Doom 4 was in the works but it was completely scrapped so that's a good sign

    @Mesonfielde ^ that's what DooMguy thinks

    P. S. GAG took my gif away

    I think I just had a doomgasm

    I was going to write about sound but I kept things short and that character limit is coming up 2273/2500


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  • It looked really good! I'd like to try it out... I remember playing a copy of the older Doom my dad had haha.

  • Should be good

  • i think it will be good!


What Guys Said 3

  • Depends on the amount of effort they put into it. I'm curious to know what @DoomGuy thinks.

  • Honestly, I wasn't that impressed. Looks like it's just the same rehashed mindless shooting with excessive gore that has littered the video game industry for the past few years.

    I'm more interested in Kingdom Hearts 3, No Man's Sky and Shenmue III

    • Well yeah, but the thing is: the Doom series is what made the FPS genre what it is today. Doom did for shooters what The Beatles did for music. It would be illogical for a reboot of the series to NOT have shooting and excessive gore.

  • Doom 3? Didn't that come out like over ten years ago? Or are they 're-rebooting the game?