Are Romanian gypsies, living as refugees in other rich european countries?


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  • Yes, they do. One of the examples I know is a gypsy from my school who moved with his family to the UK and is going to school, and when he finishes he won't work, just get the nationalisation and helping money for those that "search for workplace".
    I have to clarify that this is 95% done by gypsies from here, not actually Romanians (exceptions always are, this is why I said 95%).

    • Romani Gypsies are not Romanians. Also, travellers are not always Romani gypsy's.

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    • They are Romanians if they were born there.

    • Gypsies don't have their own country, there isn't a "gypsy country" (just Romania 😂), but here are people who claim themslefes as Hungarians, Germans, etc., because they came from a family with that nationality. Gypsies come from gypsy families but they still claim (those who were born here) that they are Romanians, I don't know why, but this is how it goes.

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  • There are romany gypsies in a lot of european countries


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  • The Rroma people don't really live anywhere and aren't really allowed to live anywhere. As point of pride, most would not accept refugee status or any type of welfare cheques.

  • Do you mean Romanian travellers or Romani Gypsies?

    • The gypsies

    • You understand that Romani Gypsies and Romanians are not linked? The words sound similar but they are not related.