I feel ashamed of accepting money of a rich person after gambling all mine away.. but should i?

Im not proud of what happened. I gambled all my savings of 1300$ away. I got upset with my boyfriend and went to the casino. Theses savings were for an upcoming holiday in two weeks to see my family i haven't seen in two years. Now my boyfriend came with me to the casino. There he met a guy and drunk with him. I was at a poker table trying to win my money back and kept losing. Both of them were watchin me play. Then after i got up and lost it i couldn't stop crying. The guy told me he had a race goin on and if his horse won he would give me 1000$ of what i lost. I thought he was joking. I got very drunk i had a fight with my boyfriend as that guy told. me. he saw him making comments and checking out an other girl. I ended up drinkin with thaz guy all night and by myself and stayed at his hotel room but slept on a mattress. He didn't try anything on me as he knew i had a partner and respected that although he kept saying how attractive and sexy and amazing i am (i didn't feel like it though! ). I told him i wanted to kill myself thats how upset i was... he said i didn't have to worry that he had a ridiculous amount of money that he didn't know what to do with. We are talking about $$$$ and that he won 30k just last week. I said i Couldn't accept it but if i didn't i wouldn't be able to see my family. He said its a gift because im a good soul... i told my boyfriend and he's not angry. Why do i feel so bad? Like a gold digger prostitue low life.. i send him a text sayin i had to pay hom. back one day. He said he doesn't want it back and nothing in return... But then again i accepted money from someone who has too much and 1000$ is nothing to him.

I am sure never to be out of control again.

but why do i feel. so bad i learnt my lesson


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  • Rule #1 of gambling: The only money you take to a casino is money you intend to LOSE.

    As for your question: Accept the money as a gift from a good soul. You've been blessed.

  • If you are going to gamble, do so responsibly.


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