Why didn't he tell his friend we broke up?

Last week my ex and I split up after 6 months of on off dating. We were friends for a few years before hand also. I split up with him because he had felt smothered and didn't know what he wanted, instead of speaking to me about the issue he started messaging and flirting with another girl. I told him I wouldn't wait around for him to make up his mind and that I deserved more than to be treated like that. We haven't spoken since the break up other than an awkward hi how are you in the local shop last night. Today I bumped into his friend who said to me 'I hear you've got a skint boyfriend, I asked him to come out tomorrow night and he said he can't afford it'. He was due to see this friend at the weekend and they do normally chat a few times throughh the week but it appears he hasn't told him we broke up? I'm now wondering if he has told his family or other people and why he hadn't told his friend? He was the one that wasn't sure what he wanted, I wanted to be with him so is he playing mind games?


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  • Whoa wait... is this friend of his a guy or a gal?

    • He flirted with another girl because he felt smothered and didn't know how he felt apparently.

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    • Oh sorry, his friend that spoke to me today was a close male friend of his.

    • Ah ok... if she was female, then i'd assume dat he didn't tell her, coz he didn't want her 2 know he's available now :)

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