What will companies do in a few years?

So companies what "qualified' people with experience, which is why there is so many job openings and an unemployment rate of 6 percent average. But the people that are working now will retire and the people below them will get promoted. But the the supply will run out. I say this I have a college degree but I have no experience and I have been applyig for one year and no one will take me because I have no experience. This bubble will burst...


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  • For sure. With the mass retirement of the baby boomer generation there will be a huge gap in the work industry. I'm with you, every company demands a college degree then refuse to hire because of lack of experience. They can't have it both ways and in about 5 years they'll take whatever they can get or go belly up.


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  • Do internships to get the experience

  • You used to be able to do interships to learn things but the Liberials decided that companies must pay as their time and knowledge transfer wasn't acceptable as payment. I can tell you at a major frim that I worked at, a firm that has a lot of cache and would have been extremely valuable on a resume or potential for hire at the firm, we stooped interships because they counted as a headcount when we needed to oay them. That plus to time and attention to run the program and it was shut down. Go Obama, lol!

    • It seems like a good idea. Getting paid for work

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    • Yes but u don't want to run sweatshops by getting free labor

    • Once the person gets experience they then get a job that pays. Libreal logic will leave you with nothing. One of the ways I advanced at work was to take on jobs that I should have been paid more for as it was a higher level position. I took the job and got the experience and then got the higher position along with the money. i could have bemoaned the fact that I wasn't paid for the job as some did and didn't take it, but then I blew by those idealistic morons on my way up the ladder.