Can anyone help me, please?

Late September, 2014 I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression. I was forced to go to an outpatient therapy group; meaning I'd have to cut my hours back at work. I told them the basis of the situation in the reason why I had to change my schedule. It was fine and dandy up until March, 2015.

The PTSD and depression got significantly worse. It became hard for me to get out of bed. I stopped smiling at work (and this is where shit went bad). My manager told me that if I didn't start smiling I was going to be relieved from duty. I decided to just go ahead and tell her my situation and hopefully she would understand. I was horribly mistaken. She told me that I was lying to her and I was making up excuses so I didn't have to participate at my job. Pissed by the accusation I called human resources only to receive the exact same thing.

My schedule went from four or five days a week down to one or two; and anytime we're slow they send me home, not even giving me the option to stay.

A week ago, I got on some new antidepressants. Hoping that things would take a turn for the better. Unfortunately, I was wrong again. I had a lot of adverse reactions to the medications and was unable to attend one of my shifts. I tried to explain to them that it was an adverse reaction to medications; but they told me that I was lying, and making excuses and that I was to be fired.

I'm fairly certain that this is illegal. You're not allowed to fire someone because of medical reasons. Even if they don't fire me, they only give me one day a week and can suspend me at any given time. They may not fire me for the reason of my adverse reactions but they will find something to fire me for; and that's just not fair.

I'm uncertain about how I need to go about this so please help me. I need a job, I need to work, I have bills to pay and a life to live. I don't know what else to do.

I'm angry and want to sue. Not too sure how well this will hold up in court.


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  • whoa whoa wait... how on earth did they force u? i thought seein a therapist was optional... :/

    • I was taken unwillingly, basically. Like I said my depression is pretty bad and I am suicidal (somedays). Technically I did have the option to refuse but one really nice doctor and another nice police officer asked me to give it a couple of weeks in a therapy group.

    • does yer foc know bout u being fired? guess he needs 2 know...

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  • best treatment is you're own treatment.


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  • You should go on short term disability

    • Trying. But I'd have to undergo psychological evaluation so they can prove it all. I can't put myself through that right now. The 1yr anniversary is right around the corner

  • you need to see a professional!

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