What song shows your love status?

Lots of songs can represent your personal love status, and how you feel, or would want to feel, so what do you think represents how you feel or would like to feel?

I think train: mermaid shows my love status since i'm after a mermaid atm
and Counting Crows: Accidently in love says what i want


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  • A song that shows my love status is the song "Mr. Lonely" by Akon. The song basically describes himself (Akon) and how he's lonely and has nobody for his own. It also describes how he can't find anyone who will accept him.

    Since I've never had a girlfriend or had sex, this would be my perfect love-song anthem lol. Then again, I don't get depressed much anymore, so it's all good. Below in the video are the lyrics of the song.


    Also, this is my 1,000th career "Opinion" here on GAG, so will you please pick me for MHO to celebrate this milestone?


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