I'm going to a catholic high school in grade 11 and?

So i've been in a public school my whole life and now i'm switching to a catholic high school. I don't have a problem with learning about the religion or adjusting to their standards or anything but what's bothering me is their academic standards. Their University level courses have a much, much lower standard than the university level courses in a public high school so obviously, their kids tend to get higher marks. I'm okay when we look at our marks. Like I have a 91 in science, 93 in geography, 90 in guitar, 80 something in french and yeah my marks pretty much revolve around their. So I have no problem getting into a university even through a public school. What scares me is that :

1) Because their standards are so low, i'll be missing out on skills I need for Uni
2) I won't get accepted to really good universities I was planning on apply to ( I wanna go into sports medicine )

Should I pull my self out of school and stay at the shitty public school that would be my new home school? Or should I continue on with this. get a tutor but also make sure my marks are around 100% so universities don't look down on my abilities?

I'm honestly so scared. Yes, because of the standard difference, the next two years will be a bit easier there but still :/


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  • Wow we have opposite issues. I've been to catholic schools my whole life (and I'm not even catholic) but I'm transferring to a public school junior year. The religious part of a catholic high school is pretty easy. You learn the story of Jesus and a few historical religious movements and figures. Memorize a couple events and popes and saints. They're not actually really superior than most public schools. You basically learn the same things, but in a nicer building. Most of our tuition went to expanding the school (instead of making better lesson plans or developing ways of teaching such), paying for Smart boards, computers, iPads, tvs, and other things aren't really necessary in a class room. Overall the work wasn't too bad. I think you'll be okay. Just don't do what I did. I fell into a depression during the second semester of my sophomore year, my grades dropped from A's to F's, I lost my scholarships, and now I'm transferring. Just stay focused on the work and you should be fine in a catholic school.

    If you're going to a good catholic school then you should be fine getting into a Universities. I went to one of the best schools in my city and some of the students got into some of the top universities. If the school you're going to isn't so great, and isn't as great as your old public school, I might consider staying in the school you're in. The key thing is to keep your grades up.

    • I'm not catholic either :D The school's not bad. It's a good school, good teacher, except they're too easy. Like they don't go deeper into the topics like we do in a public school (this is the case with all the catholic schools in this area). They use the same text books as us but their exams are open book and yeah. I didn't think much into it when the VP looked at my average marks and said "wow you have great marks" but then my science teacher told me this and I panicked. I think i'll spend a semester, if it's too easy i'll come back to the school I go to now. I made it into the Health and Wellness program at my present school and dropped it cause i made it to the catholic school XD I regret doing that now.

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    • Thank you! :) and Woah, we have like 1500 something. The area that i'm moving to, would change my home school if I stayed in public and no one wants to go to that school XD There's another public school near by but that's full so everyone's applying to the catholic school. Haha :P

    • No problem! Good luck!

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  • Get your grades up higher than you normally would. But, I really wouldn't worry. University classes have been immeasurably dumbed down, unfortunately. I have straight A's and am just average.

  • this shouldn't make u worry in my opinion... they r not "superior" just coz they get higher marks :)


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  • I'd discuss this with your parents telling then what you told us. If this is the case if stay at public school sounds better long term