So for you Star Wars fans out there, the newest Battlefront videos?

So here is actual gameplay from the newest Star Wars Battlefront videos released 3 days ago, thoughts? looking forward to the game, hesitant?

Tatooine Co-Op survival mode

Battle of Hoth, I am guessing this is the Walker Assault mode

Personally I am pretty excited about this the game looks pretty well done, though I am sad there is no clone wars but that could get it's own game later or be a DLC who knows.


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  • It's about time they made a new one. I recall the last one (two consoles ago) was the most successful Star Wars game at the time.
    The Star Wars movies are okay to me, but I really liked the games.

    • Yeah same here, but time will tell how great the game actually is, as it is missing a ton of features that the original ones had.

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  • It's fucking battlefield with Star Wars skins. I'm so pissed at DICE because of this shit. There is no campaign an no space conquest? Fuck that shit. The multiplayer does look good I can't lie about that. I'm still fucking pissed though.

    • Actually I did hear that space combat will be in the game via DLC after launch, though I can't confirm or deny that at the moment. I do agree though they could have done a better job like an actual campaign and my beloved clone troopers, the multiplayer does look good though.

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