Jethro Tull : witch album with john Glasscock does he make the most noise or echo Ian Anderson?

  • War Child
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  • Minstrial in the Gallery
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  • Too Old too Rocken roll Too young too Die
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  • Songs from the Wood
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  • Heavy Horses
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  • Stormwatch
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  • 20 years old and asking about a no longer living member of Tull? You're not really 20 are you?

    • yes, I am 20. I been obsessed with that music since I was very little. my sister sang heavy horses chorus line like this at age 3

      evey Hoisters, mowed the land under me
      Behind the butt lions --- sleeping and lying free
      Now you're down to the snow
      And there's no work poop on
      The tractor's HAY.

      for 2 whole hours

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    • I love it all, thanks

    • Thanks for mho

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