Why would you want to be friends with someone that you were in a sexual relationship with? And would you?

If you we're friends with someone would you put the friendship at stake and have sex with that friend if they told you they are looking for a relationship and catch feelings from being sexual. But end it and tell the person that you still want to be friends?


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  • My so is my best friend and God forbid we part no I don't think we could still be friends

    • My friend wants to go back to being friends after. I don't think I can

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    • He doesn't understand. Then if he dates or ends up being in a relationship how I'm going to feel after everything

    • That's why it's not really possible

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  • I have had sex with multiple girls who I still consider as my friends, as long as you don't turn it into some kind of a taboo everything is fine.


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  • Would I have sex with a friend without expecting anything to come from it? Well... yes.

    • Why would you not expect anything from it? And you would be fine going back to regular friends after?

    • Because I imagine it'd be discussed beforehand that nothing would evolve from it. I'd be fine with going back to being friends.

    • He thinks that there was a discussion but it never was. I told him I catch feelings He said that understood. But still continued. And when I tried to ask him what the situation was he would beat around the bush

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