How does it feel, for those who are not caucasian/white living in a prodominately white world?

I've lived in four different huge continents in my life, Africa, Europe , Asia and Australia so I am a well travelled individual but I'm still curious as to what those who are not of the dominant race feel. From something as little as feeling inadequate, or judged when you're in a supermarket.

by the way, when I say dominant (meaning most common/popular) not superior.


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  • feeling like your always being judge... like for instance just walking in the mall... getting snares people laughing based on the shade of your skin... that how it feel... I am black by the way.


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  • As an Asian guy living in Australia, I have mixed feelings about it.

    Sure, white people here are racist as fuck and the glass ceiling is annoying, but then again Asian restaurants sell leftovers to white people on a huge markup, so it balances out.

    • Please, I'm not talking about how race divides us and how race treats another race. Just asking how it feels for those who are not white, living in a white world.

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    • Actually, I find the old folk here much less racist than the young ones, but individual experiences may vary.

    • Really? That wouldn't surprise me though, Australians like to banter and sometimes take it to far (including racial slurs etc). But if you're doing well there and doing the right thing, doesn't matter.

  • I'm in Ohio and by my profile pic, I'm Asian in a school with probably 20-30 minorities out of 2,500. Most people like me but there's definitely some people who look down on the Asians in my sophomore class (6 fellow yellows). But, we're generally well liked, especially in our own circles.

    The only thing I don't like are the misconceptions and ignorance about Asian culture and geography. Don't get me wrong its hilarious but gets annoying. People ask me
    -What does dog taste like?
    -(How) Can you see?
    -Are you from China or Japan (I'm Korean)
    -Which Korea is the good one? North or South?
    -Are you Korean or Asian? (This one kills me xD)

    • Haha oh wow, the last one.

    • Yeah its dumb but I can't help but laugh at that question

  • Well, I live in Scotland and there is hardly as much black people here as there is in England (Since the further up the UK you go, the more white faces there is), even I am surprised when I see a PoC.
    It's kind of annoying standing out of the crowd, and that doesn't help my social anxieties. I often get people asking to touch my afro, which can be annoying. I often get dirty looks from older people.
    It feels a little like I'm an outsider.

    • May I ask, out of curiosity what is your own ethnic background? I think personally, people are always going to look, regardless if you are a different race to them or not. I'm sure you know, like everyone, people of the same race stare and look at other people of the same race.

    • I'm Nigerian/Welsh.
      Yes, people are always going to look, regardless of race but I feel that people look at me more often because I stand out more. Also, my afro is quite big so that stands out even more.
      Even one of my friends asked me how I feel about people staring at me all the time, when we were walking together. Insinuating that more attention was being paid to her when we were walking together.
      Quite recently I visited a village, which is quite further up Scotland. I didn't see one PoC and everyone was looking at me. Way more than when I'm in the city.

    • Oh definitely then-people will always look at what is different, which is a good thing huh. They are intrigued more than anything.

  • It's actually pretty nice in those countries and I never get mistreated... well generally speaking.


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  • I don’t know how to answer this... I'm not whute so I don't know what that's like/ Can't compare.

    The most obvious difference is that were not mainstream. You look on t. v and rarely do you see black women without straight hair. (I'm african) whenever someone finds out I'm African they are openly express their shock. Most Americans don't know what being African is/ how to spot one.

    Whenever there's an African on TV is when they asking for money to support the hungry, deprived looking children...

  • i've had far better experiences with whites and i grew up in the states. i decided to stay in japan because i don't seem to be physically attracted to other races.

  • living in a predominately white world...