I have an interview coming up next week, I need ideas?

It's a panel interview of 3 people, I've never done one before and I could really use some tips to help me out please.


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  • Try to figure out the types of questions they are likely to ask you. I don't know what the interview is for, but some basic questions are "what's your greatest strength?" " what's your greatest weakness?" "Why do you want this position?" Etc. I once had a group interview at kohls, and they asked how we would handle different scenarios. I only had one 3 panel interview and they asked me a lot of questions about why I wanted to go into that field. Just make sure you make yourself sound good without lying or sounding arrogant. Talk about some good qualities, such as maybe you have a strong work ethic. When asked what your biggest weakness is, put emphasis on what you're doing to fix it.

    • It's for a mental health support worker, it's my first job in that area.. Would it be appropriate to say my weakness is probably working to hard that I push myself to be better but sometimes it takes its toll but I'm working on it

    • That would probably be fine. I usually say mine is public speaking. As long as you don't say something like your lazy, lol.

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  • img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aBKvZM2_460s_v1.jpg
    #1. Confidence
    #2. Body language and first impressions like clothing and handshake etc.
    #3. Your tone
    #4. Reaction timing
    #5. Your value and wit
    #6. Be honest or make the lies true
    #7. Enthusiasm
    #8. Don't be shy and keep eye contact
    #9. Make them to realise that "they" needs "you".
    Good luck :)

  • Just know your stuff and be confident in yourself - Panel interviews are strange in sometimes they adopt different personalities to see how you react - Nearly the best tactic is just treat it like a conversation rather than an interview - A breath before you start to reply gives you a second to think about your answer.

  • Don't stutter and make brief eye contact which each one


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  • okay.

    1. stay cool. dont freak out
    2. dont fake- be yourself. seriously. they can tell.
    3. look good. black and white is best. sleek and stylish
    4. be confident. if u answer questions, no umms and long pauses. take pride in what ur gonna say.
    5. be friendly. smile, stay cheerful, keep ur head up.
    6. enjoy it. relax, think like a boss and i guarantee u that you'll get it.

    best of luck girl! x