80s music poll: Your favorite album by The Babys/John Waite/Bad English?

The Babys and Bad English were both fronted by John Waite. Both were hard-rockish although Bad English were better and their self-titled album was awesome.

During da mid-80s John Waite had a successful solo-career scorin a US #1 hit wid his song “Missing You”

  • Union Jacks (The Babys)
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  • On The Edge (The Babys)
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  • Ignition (John Waite)
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  • No Breaks (John Waite)
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  • Mask Of Smiles (John Waite)
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  • Rover's Return (John Waite)
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  • Bad English (Bad English)
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  • Bad English!!! Love them. Or rather love one song by then!!!


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  • Again a great, recognizable voice. I personally thought the Bad English album was the best. However, No brakes was great too. All other solo acts were pretty OK. I never heard of The Babys. I'll see if I can find them.

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