Do you think the way your parents raise you has an effect, an impact on whether or not you will have ambition, take your future seriously?

I know and am completely aware that there comes a time, an age in which you can't blame your parents anymore, in which personal responsibility, accountability becomes way more expected of you than ever before, but I still believe the way your parents raised you has a long-term impact on your attitude, mindset, towards and about life, reality, in which it will take a long time to break out of old, bad-habits that were a result of your parental upbringing.

Anyway, do you think the way your parents raised you has an impact on a persons ambition, drive, being career-oriented, motivation in life, taking their future seriously? Future in terms of your career, becoming independent and financially stable, etc? Or are other factors involved?


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  • Yes it's the very core of who you become.

    • But sometimes you can change that.

      It doesn't have to be that way.

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    • huh?

    • Well guys are always told to be a man, man up, but I don't think there is a female equivalent to grow some balls

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  • My parents raised me not to worry about material things and if I had kids I would teach them same thing too.

  • I would imagine it's very well the case often times, and sadly, I feel it has worse effect on guys than it does on girls because it seems every action or area of a guys life has an impact on his ability to get a girlfriend, get laid, etc.

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