Is it normal for someone divorced to say this?

That theyre not sure about anything serious..
Will they ever be or they're just not that into you?
They also still chase you.

  • They're just not ready yet
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  • They're not into you
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  • I think it is very much option A


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  • The week my divorce became final, I joined eHarmony. Seven months later, I met my future wife, eighteen months later we were married.

    It was nine years ago this month that we were wed, nine years of a happy second marriage. The honeymoon continues.

    I tell my story as an example of a man that wants to be married. My first marriage was more misery than joy. I learned a hard lesson: it can be lonelier in a bad marriage than being alone when you are single. That hard lesson did not dampen my desire to be in a good marriage. It just made me far more selective of a future mate. The choice I did finally make will suit me happily forever.

  • Not ready yet


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